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    Bram Van Langen +Jakob Battick + Dj-Set


    Jeudi Foster

    Bram Van Langen +Jakob Battick + Dj-Set

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Bram Van Langen

    Live - Dreampop / NL

    Bram is a thinker, sensitive to the smallest gestures and moments – in his music this translates to carefully weighed notes, and words chosen for their sound and cadence as much as their meaning, wrought into a finely tuned poetic structure that makes one come back to listen even closer. Inspired by artists like Nick Drake, Jan Johansson, Paul Simon and Paul McCartney he has a similar affinity for pleasing melodies and warm, mesmerising harmonies in which the listener can find a calm place to wander.


    Jakob Battick

    Live - Drone / US

    Jakob Battick is a musician and visual artist, born 1989 in Bangor, Maine, USA. Jakob’s musical work is rooted in songwriting forms, but embraces drone and post-minimalist hypnotism at its core, toying with the listener’s sense of time and tempo. Rabbit’s Moon, released in June of 2021, is Jakob’s second full-length album, and it burrows deeper into the slow motion shadows at the heart of the songs than ever before.







    Dj-Set - Psychedelic / Post Punk / Synth

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