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    Omer Moskovich + Giek_1 + Akkamiau


    Freaky Friday

    Omer Moskovich + Giek_1 + Akkamiau

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Omer Moskovich

    Live - Indie Pop / IL

    Omer Moskovich is a singer songwriter from Tel Aviv. Existential pop in Hebrew. Following the featuring of her singles from her latest album in deutschlandfunkkultur and NFR1.


    Live - Experimental pop / Deconstructed club / DE

    Giek_1’s confronting and healing immersive audio visual live show tells a story of hope and strength amidst the escapism and passion fueled confusion of our generation. She explores the art of body movement, combined with raw and honest but transcending lyrics and a deeply personal, trance, gabber, trap and r&b nostalgia infused experimental pop and deconstructed club sound. The electronic live show sometimes touches the borders of a rave or shifts into different realities which challenges the audience to rethink their existence right on the dance floor.








    https://lnk.bio/giek_1 / https://www.instagram.com/giek_1/?hl=en  / 


    Dj-Set / DE


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