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    Miami Mall + Tripnaha + DJ Dizzy Bat



    Miami Mall + Tripnaha + DJ Dizzy Bat

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Miami Mall

    electronic duo – Switzerland

    Miami Mall comes from Rome and Berlin.
    Light blue, pink, plastic palm trees, neon lights,  the duo´s music lies somewhere between dark wave and new disco.
    Electronica with influences from techno to Latino beats like Cumbia – the text deal with dead end situations, lost friends and this weird life in this new digital plastic world.





    electronic/indie – Sweden/Berlin

    A pop force of two, hailing from Sweden, currently based in Berlin. Tripnaha take inspiration from synth pop and ambient electronic music. Using synths, drum machines and vocals, the band creates their playfull, but yet moody pop tunes. Elin Johansson and Fredd Jakobsen formed Tripnaha in the spring of 2016, and released their first single in september that same year. Their single “Immune” was well received by the public, and is since then the theme song of the Swedish podcast “Seriemördarpodden”. Since then the duo has released two EPs, a couple of singles, and at the moment they are recording their third EP.

    DJ Dizzy Bat

    DJ Dizzy Bat is Berlin based musician Joel Ivan Thomas who plays in bands such as Lemongrab, Hot Couture, and No Romance. In his DJ sets he plays anything from punk to goth to disco to glistening dance-pop tracks – with a penchant towards 80’s hits and oddities.





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