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    IDRA with Malo Moray + Inti Pujol + Lea Fabrikant (DJ – Set)



    IDRA with Malo Moray + Inti Pujol + Lea Fabrikant (DJ – Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    IDRA with Malo Moray

    Ambient / Italy, Germany

    IDRA and Malo Moray are two elaborate sonic explorers from Europe sharing one exciting musical quest: re-inventing their classical instruments, trumpet and upright bass, through the means of experimental ambient Music. Both musicians share the uniting approach to extend their classical instruments with electronic procession and the use of nature materials.

    Bridging their musical works and philosophical backgrounds between Milan and Leipzig opens exciting new territories as much as it is an effortless, calm research of sonic territories between acoustic sound, electronic music and nature’s sounds.

    For their tour, IDRA and MALO MORAY unite their curious technical approaches in Music to paint open and immersive soundscapes that subtly let the audience float and drift away – to wake up somewhat slightly changed on the other side of the journey.





    (Photo By Craig Stennett)
    (Photo By Craig Stennett)

    Inti Pujol

    dark ambient / experimental electrónica – Argentina

    Inti is a solo project of Inti Pujol, visual artist, musician and performer from the city Mendoza, Argentina. Her music a mixture field recordings played on tape and processed live and live vocals and analog synthesizers.

    This results in dark soundscapes that some time turn a distant rhythms, songs and some other can reach intensities of noise music.

    Her performance work is lately related to sound and its performative power. She focuses her interest on the problems of the territory and the bodies dispute in a Neo-liberal capitalist scene. She investigates different forms of resistance and poetic justice.



    Lea Fabrikant (DJ – Set)

    Malicious Pussykitties / Salvation Chansons




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