Bar for common people
Oct 17




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21:00

BA:ZEL (Electroacoustic, Darkpop/SZ)

ba:zel is an electroacoustic project based in Prague featuring piano, flute, heavy bass, a fragile soprano, and post-techno/dub/grime beats. Its members include Ewelina Chiu (vocals, piano, synthesizer, flute) and Daniel Vlcek (beats, synthesizers, bass guitar/vocals).Formed in 2014, ba:zel has since played many concerts, developed its sound, and taken to using its own projections during concerts. In February of 2016, ba:zel released its first single ‘agave.’ Shortly thereafter ba:zel released its second single ‘PACE,’ and on 20 June 2016 its debut album ‘eye draw(s) the line.’ Over the last year ba:zel has worked with documentary film maker Andrea Culkova, supplying three tracks to her newest work, H*ART ON. In August 2016 ba:zel was one of six projects nominated for Czeching, a project run by the national Czech radio striving to support Czech music abroad. Within the scope of this project, ba:zel was voted by Czech radio listeners as the music project most likely to succeed. ba:zel has been variously described as “frosty minimalism (Beehype)” and “electro nightmare pop (AlterEcho)” and “music for sleep-deprived ravers(180 A.M Collective).”


ALDER & ASH (Doom metal cellist/CAN)

Alder & Ash is cello taken to its absolute extremes of calm and violence. Montreal- based instrumentalist Adrian Copeland brings together elements of modern classical, noise, and doom, exploring the dichotomies of minimalism and maximalism, stillness and cacophony, terror and chaos. 


NEKROBOT (DJ-Set/Experimental, Eclectic, Wave/GR)