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Mar 14



Ringhold / Katie Gerardine O’Neill / The Chop Squad Djs

By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

Ringhold (Estonia)
Unorthodox & exp blues duo – Kalle Tikas on rhythmic electric blues guitar and eleOnora on experimental vocals. Some call it melancholic, some say it’ s a sort of a freaky danceable music.
eleOnora on vocals has been described as Jim Morrison channeling Meredith Monk. A machine gun? No problem! Dadaist gibberish? Easy! Kalle has been titled as one
of the leading guitar pickers in the Baltics. Active since 2014, the duo has released two studio albums and shared some great energy on stage.
For fans of RL Burnside, Capatain Beefheart, Diamanda Galas, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Björk, Mike Patton, Robert Johnson, SUUK, Cannonball Statman.


Katie Gerardine O’Neill (Dublin) is a multidisciplinary artist from Dublin, Ireland. O’Neill is originally trained in Photography and Fine Art. In recent years she moved into sound art, writing and performance, still keeping a strong visual arts practice. O’Neill blends analogue elements (four tracks, reel to reel tape players, dictaphones) with electronics, voice, field recordings, samples, guitar and a variety of other instruments to make what has been described as “otherworldly dissonant chansons”, made up of layers of ethereal sounds, “ballad-like at one juncture, discordant textured noise at the next” (Golden Plec, 2015).
Instagram: Katiegoneill