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Sep 06




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

TangoRante (Tango/ARG, DE)

The Duo Fain – Perkal, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2016, proposes a show of Tango where the audience will appreciate the musical quality provided by the blend of the concert guitar, the bandoneon, the chromatic harmonica and the Voices. This tango dance show, suitable for Milongas and concert halls, includes a varied and interesting repertoire consisting in great classics and tangos composed and written by the Duo. Nahuel Perkal and Matías Fain, through their artistic sensitivity and professional ism, look for works of authentic and overwhelming aesthetic value which bring creative alternatives for the time being. “Primavera Porteña en la Europa Otoñal”, their first tour, coincides with the release of their first professional album called Etapas which encompasses works that show different moments in the Duo artistic development. The public will listen and decide…


ARTHURX (alternative songs/NLD)

Improvisation, alternative blues, music on  keyboard and guitar with poetry texts

“What do you get when you put Jim Morrison and KurtCobain in a mixer together with a drug cocktail and a portion loung cancer ? Right !! a feeling for the music of  ArthurX. It’s something between Grunge and sixtieshippie stuff , more art as music. Discover yourself “ (review NBCi)


OBERST PANIZZA (DJ-Set/ synth, wave, electronics/FR, Berlin)