Bar for common people
Aug 23




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

RT161HW (Modern Klez-Polka/US)

At home in Ohio the RT161HW trio are Oktoberfest specialists, travelling over 5000 miles each year during the high season. Dan use accordion to play Klezmer, Polka, Rock/Pop, Folk etc., singing in

German, Yiddish, English, Japanese and more. Audience singing/participation will be requested.


RAGE&LOVE DISTILLATE (Indie; Singer-Songwriter/ITA)

Irene Graziadei is an Italian independent artist living in Berlin. She plays electric guitar and sings, using effects and loop-station, producing a direct and personal, pretty grungy alternative songwriting. What most impresses her audience is the way she uses her voice, covering a wide range and modulating from rough to brilliant, from whisper to scream. Her music describes her search for truthfulness: often unconventional if not even weird, her songs still sound simple and straightforward, from time to time round and sharp-cornered, talking straight or maybe leaving a slice of ambiguity. Sometimes edgy, others dramatic or maybe ironical, hermetical as well as the exact opposite, the lyrics, mostly in Italian, drive the composition and the performance, so that even non-Italian speakers catch the intention and get touched by it in ways that go beyond reason and language.

INTOXICAT (DJ-Set/Surf, Tiki, Exotica, Rockabilly/FR, Bln)