Bar for common people
Oct 26
Urban Arts Berlin Presents

Urban Arts Berlin Presents



By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30


BODY OF WORK (Experimental ambient drone/UK, IRL)

BODY OF WORK’s musical influences stem from wasted youths festering in subcultures. They channel the meta narrative of CRASS and the femme sensibility of internet genres such as NITECORE. They draw from experimental club culture currently liberating dancefloors from homogenous dudes and binary beats.They are shameless hystorians of digital artefacts. Their Visual EP is as much Beyonce’s Lemonade as Marianne Faithful and Derek Jarman’s Broken English. Lest we forget that the music video was born out of queer underground film. It’s pre 20th century cinema motives expressed through youtube hi-jacking.


KRIS VANGO (Ambient, Noise/DE)

Founded in 2010 in Berlin by female artists Chris Dreier (ex Tödliche Doris) and Ursula Döbereiner the noise duo initially played under custom-made white or black burqas and filled various galleries and venues with their aggressive industrial-elektro sound, occasionally using automatons. The band refers to noise, ambient and new music structures adding rhytmic patterns and tape mash-ups to their modular space trips.

MARIE GERMINAL (DJ-Set/ Nuit Noire /Post-Punk, Synth, Minimal & No Wave, Psych/DE, Bln