Bar for common people
Mar 15
Urban Arts Berlin Presents

Urban Arts Berlin Presents


N01R + STAUFFER + DJ Fake Laugh

By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

N01R (Experimental/ESP)

N01R, brings a sound that’s at once both visceral and enigmatic. Effortlessly cross-stepping the genre divide, N0IRs uncategorisable material sutures together a myriad of styles – whether that’s the experimentalism of noise music, the texture of minimal wave, or the raw power of industrial, N01R’s knack for production is truly standalone. Since 2005 she’s amassed a sturdy back catalogue with releases on world-renowned labels including:


STAUFFER  (Industrial, exorcism, ritual/ESP)


Stauffer´s music is designed for live act, always based on own samples from working machines, personal recordings of poor quality but high emotional content at least for him, motors, metallic sounds and cold forcefulness in order to generate a ritual ceremony of industrial reminiscence, power electronics, drone or experimental.


DJ Fake Laugh (Wave. psychadelic/Bln)