Bar for common people
Aug 31



OMAMI + GHOST, I + DJ Two Gospels

By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

OMAMI (Triphop/DE)

Spacious synth sculptures (Kanishka Sarkar) hover in limbo over fine and sometimes coarsely meshed basses, meanwhile trip-hop beats (Daryal von Reis) are pushing you up, like an engine of a flying carpet. Once taken off, the voice of Katrine Bregnum takes you to places in the twilight and beyond … and your innermost. The show by Omami, who have been present in Berlin’s club scene and abroad the last year now, forms a solid unity with the artistic video-projections of light artist “Abstract Monolog”. A psychedelic journey on which, even if your feet are yet still, dances your head from the beginning. 


GHOST, I (Experimental Pop/FR)

Born in Paris, now based in Berlin, Ghost, I (real name Paul Nouvet) has been developing a unique fusion of live acoustic performance and experimentally produced music. His sound is honest and emotional, melancholic and mysterious yet often uplifting. His DIY approach to art and music is influenced by punk, his beats by hip hop, his melodies by soul.


DJ Two Gospels