Bar for common people
May 11




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30


HoneyPoney is an electro (live) band founded in Brussels by 2 musicians who wanted to explore the electro wave and its many alternatives. They decline their musical universe; sometimes primitive, sometimes tortured but always inspired. They charm us with their sweet tumult …


MOHABITAT (electronica/IT)

Mohabitat is a duo of electronic performances and contemporary art installations. Their performances feature original and manipulated contents, focused around video-projection and analog synthesizers. The duo tries to redefine a unique and immersive experience where sound and video are combining to create a common language. Based on electronic music influenced by post-rock echoes, dub techno drum patterns and cinematic influences, the duo mixes different visual resources going from geometric lines and archive footage to real shooting sequences creating their own universe: unstructured, melodic and involving. Duality on stage for an audio/video performance between sound and lights. The deep and melodic electronica is mixed with visuals for an exclusive experience, every time different.  


MARIE GERMINAL (Nuit Noire DJ-Set/Post-Punk, Synth, Minimal & No Wave, Psych/DE, Bln)