Bar for common people
Mar 16




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

RIMOJEKI (Space-Indie/IL)

A colorful duo from the indie-psy-tronic scene of Israel. A space performance Which combines Electro rhythms, new-wave rock guitars, atmospheric synths inspiring poetry and special video-art.


PYRAMIDEN (Ambient Techno/IT)

Marco Cassanelli and Deckard in a live act based on modular synth, keyboards and drum machines. The two producers, who have numerous releases with national and international labels, concerts and DJ sets in Italy and Europe, merge their backgrounds into a new musical project with harmonic and experimental techno sounds. The traits that in these years have characterized the productions of Cassanelli and Deckard are revived in the PYRAMIDEN project in which the artistic features of the two are preserved but projected into a mix that sounds completely new. A highly imaginative visual journey, nordic atmospheres, granitic energy, deep vibrations for visions of distant outposts. Pyramiden is modular, synthetic and above all, live without computers. An album recorded live in studio that develops in 11 seamless chapters.


KLUB MARTA (GermanBeatNight)