Bar for common people
Sep 08




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

UNICAT (Electronic, Chillout, Jazz/DE)

“Unicat” it is a producer duo that has just appeared on the music Scene. Music oscillates between different genres – from electronics, soul up to jazz, and even elements of classical music. Such combinations can also be found in texts where a human being with his weaknesses and journey through the life is placed next to nature.


SUNDAY (Dream Wave/DE)

Sunday is music drawn from the Californian desert, music that producer Aaron

Shanahan has provoked from its rocks and rinsed from its open sky.

As musical director, musician and singer for Indie-Dance band Miami Horror, Aaron

has spent over half a decade performing, Djing, writing and collaborating-a current of

exploration that has swept him inexorably towards the heart and heat of Sunday.

Sunday is a drenching of the senses-kaleidoscopic pop drifting over modulating

textures. Much like the desert that inspired them, Sunday’s songs unfold gradually

with gentle permutations that bloom into the mesmeric and ethereal.


MARIE GERMINAL (Nuit Noire DJ-Set/Post-Punk, Synth, Minimal & No Wave, Psych/DE, Bln)