Bar for common people
Aug 30



HOLYOAK + RRAYEN + DJs Cool In The Pool

By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

HOLYOAK (Alternative Electronic, Trip Hop/AUS)

Holyoak is an Australian singer/songwriter who produces gritty beat-based compositions aimed at melding disparate electronic influences through the lens of modern art rock and trip-hop. following his debut EP “Before” Holyoak returns with a new track “Design”. The accompanying video is a confusing romp through internet references, stock footage and stoic domestication. 


RRAYEN (Chiptune, Experimental/ARG)

RRAYEN (Maia Ñonquepan Koenig -Argentina -1987) is an experimental Patagonian artist who since 2003 plays with different styles, from the construction of synthesizers, to programming with retro consoles, prepared guitar, bass, voice, hacking hardware and sound landscape. Their live concerts are usually identified by their performatic impulse, which are mixed with noise and unpredictable rhythms. Mysticism that moves around the world creating energetic whirlpools.

DJs Cool In The Pool (indie/Bln)