Bar for common people
Aug 16




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

CALLAZ (Dream Pop/POR)

Callaz is Maria Soromenho’s moniker, visual artist and designer with a unique aesthetic sense and preference for a work process guided by the DIY philosophy. In her first EP “Beer, Dog Shit & Chanel N°5” we inhabit a seemingly sunny scenario where peaks of anxiety, gloomy memories and stormy sensations take the stage under a retro filter. There are echoes of Nico’s melancholy and hints of an experimental pop that we could possibly find listening to The Space Lady. A year after her debut, Callaz releases “Gaslight” in which her first EP’s ambitions are confirmed. Daydreams and conclusions are withdrawn from personal experience. Her live acts and her artistic research contributed to make this EP a more cohesive work. Her songs, now more structured, feature incisive refrains in the dancing darkness she has got us used to.


COMET/TAIL (GR/Electronica)

Something has landed, crashed into earth. An UFO from outer space? A comet? It's still unclear. But it’s coming sounds from it, a beat, haunting melodies a voice that is telling us to not walk away. Stay and you will find out. 


U.F.O SHADOW (DJ SET/Synthwave – electronics/FR)