Bar for common people
Apr 05




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

PATOKAI (Electropunk/ARG)

Electronic sound, punk attitude and a retrofuture look is just a glimpse of what Patokai is, the solo band of the argentinian Patricio Vallarino. Part of the roster of the indietronic label Central Eléctrica Discos, Patokai´s discography Control (2011), Automaton (2013) and The Square Wave Knight (2014) reflects his taste for science fiction authors as William Gibson and Philip Dick. In 2017 was part of the project L`Fauno together with the german producer DJ Hell (Gigoló Records) realeasing L’Fauno x DJ Hell EP. After sharing stages with electronic artists such as Crystal Castles, Vive La Fete or Nortec Collective among others. Patokai, who nowadays lives in Berlin, alone or in a band format goes around the world presenting his new album “2” , available in digital and soon in vinyl.


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SIANN LOFHAI (Electro-Folk/FR)

Siann Lofhai leans towards a dreamy form of curiosity, and her music invites us in a strange

world, full of both lightness and darkness. The instrumentation, using mostly electric guitar and completed by samples, creates a backdrop of haunting sounds, in which the voice introduces a disturbing sense of intimacy. Björk, Beth Gibbons and Chelsea Wolfe are among the musicians who influence her.


FABRIKANT (DJ-Set/Malicious Kitty Purr, Salvation Chansons/IL, Berlin)