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Feb 01
Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday



By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

ELEONORA (Electronica/DE, RUS)

Eleonora is a Russian born Berlin based musician and singer. After 7 years classical piano school and several singer-songwriter projects, she felt in love with electronics. Her music is a melting pot of deep beats, melancholic melodies, powerful bass synth and smoky vocals.



THE JOHN V. VARIETY HOUR (electro-psych/US)

The John V. Variety Hour is a Brooklyn-originated, Berlin-based one-person multi-instrumentalist electro-psych extravaganza, hosted by its main cosmic performer, John V. Variety, and accompanied by a revolving array of likewise alien musical/artistic guests. A phantasmagoria of polyrhythmic grooves and performative tableaux fun for species of all galaxies.


The Variety Hour is an experimental psychedelic/post-punk collective that aims to create theatrical atmospheres both arduously intricate in performance and construction and of great beauty, yet transparent in their display, disoriented by the simultaneous mixture of forms and intertwinement with song and sound—enveloping and engaging the audience in its abstract world, forcing them to confront and investigate the present that has turned alien to them, exposing them to self-sacrificial depravity and poverty that they have buried in their subconscious beneath the endless stream of media that assaults and numbs their senses.

older work:

FABRIKANT (DJ-Set/Malicious Kitty Purr, Salvation Chansons/IL, Berlin)