Bar for common people
Nov 23




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

NORMA (alt pop/FR)

After releasing ‘Badlands’, her fierce debut EP in 2016, the french songwriter is announcing her upcoming first album, ‘Female Jungle’, by touring a few selected cities in an intimate solo setup. Melancholic yet oozing with sensuality, Norma delivers her genre-bending songs with a touching and spontaneous urge, and intense vocals, reminiscing of Fiona Apple, Portishead and 90’s MTV divas, all

in a cinematic atmosphere.


JRK (Dark Synth Pop/CAN)

“In Jerk in the Can’s alternate, genre-bent universe, being in a band goes far beyond the standard model of writing music, recording tracks, and playing shows. The imagination that goes into the band’s elements of character, performance, and costume creates something that truly needs to be seen live to be believed.” The Georgia Straight


FABRIKANT (DJ-Set/Malicious Kitty Purr, Salvation Chansons/IL, Berlin)