Bar for common people
Aug 17



FEMMEPOP + MARGO SANDA + DJ Oberst Panizza & Selberschuld

By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

FEMMEPOP (Electronic, Synthpop/DE)

“Sullivan in my view is one of the best electro-pop acts in Ireland“

“Eno meets Oldfield, but only because Femmepop has invited them.”

Wouldn’t have been out of place on the Drive soundtrack somewhere between Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx and College.“


MARGO SANDA (Experimental pop/IT)

Margo Sanda is the solo musical and visual project of Italian-Berlin based artist Margherita Capuccini Belloni. Her music is a lavish blend of electro-pop experimentation and direct, emotionally driven songwriting. Her first EP “Delay” has quickly gathered rave reviews and was chosen as “Album of the week” by the popular Italian magazine Short afte r that, the Italian musician was called to perform as opening act for bands such as Lali Puna and Holy Fuck. An all-round artist, Margo Sanda curates her project on her own, from live performances to the production of the tracks and the creation of artworks and visuals.


Oberst Panizza & Selberschuld(DJ-Set / synth, wave, electronics)