Bar for common people
May 25




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

CHAMBERS (Indie, pop Kraut/Bln)
—–CHAMBERS— came to light in the dark Berlin, Angela Chambers and Jason Letkiewicz, old friends from New York came together in Berlin 2015 to record their first album. They perform live as a duo, with Angela writing and singing vocals, intertwining flute melodies and synths, while Jason plays mesmerising and catchy guitar melodies and deep rhythmic bass lines.

HINDU (Dream Pop/UK)

Hindu – diy dream-pop project by Tania Yankovska from Kiev, who writes and produces songs by

herself in her home studio. During a year since the release of debut EP Spark on the London label RMN Music in October 2016, Hindu managed to travel with her dreamy shows across Ukraine, play two mini-tours in UK, and perform at festivals in Germany, Italy and Tunisia. Now Tania is busy preparing Hindu’s second longplay, which is due to be released in mid 2018.



FABRIKANT (DJ-Set/Malicious Kitty Purr, Salvation Chansons/IL, Berlin)