Bar for common people
Dec 15



NIKOLAS LIST + IMustBe LEONARDO + DJ Oberst Panizza & Selberschuld

By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30



Nikolas List (USA/Mexico) performs live shows that take the audience down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, along with the proper doses of sugar, sweetness, sound, spoken word, stories, music and magic. They are designed to be unique, thought-provoking, immersive experiences.


IMustBe LEONARDO (Indie Rock, Indie Pop/ITA. Bln)

In 2015 he started to play in many clubs and bars, and on January 2016 he released the EP “Wonderful”. On July 2017 he released “MOP”, his first long playing.

“Superior songwriting here from the Berlin based artist”. (Super World Indie Tunes – 4th July 2017)

“11 pistas que todo amante del género debe sumar en su colección”. (Zone Nights – 20th July 2017) His songs are rough and intense, and his music sounds like played by a primitive man who found an electric guitar just after listening the rock’n’roll greatest artists all in the same day.


Oberst Panizza & Selberschuld (DJ-Set / synth, wave, electronics)