Bar for common people
May 18



BAD PILOT + MAX LILJA + Daphne O (New Wave / Experimental / Indie)

By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

BAD PILOT (Electro rock/FR)

« It’s a bit like Die Antwoord after swallowing Björk »

The process is simple : if you want this rebirth , die with US …




MAX LILJA (Cello electro/FN)

Max Lilja, Finnish cellist, composer and producer, one of the founders of the million selling genre defining cello rock band Apocalyptica, a band that in the 90’s changed the dusty image of the old instrument to an up to date musical tool cool for modern kids, is now on a new mission as a solo artist with his visionary cello electro. Combining his classical background, years in rock, virtuosity and musical diversity with the urge to find unbeaten paths to celebrate his musical talent he’s raising the bar for modern instrumentalism. The cello has changed again.


Oberst Panizza & Selberschuld(DJ-Set / synth, wave, electronics)