Bar for common people
Mar 01




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30


A heavy slice of warehouse techno and electro flavours, Exterior is Scotland’s newest up and coming electronic producer straddling the dancefloor and the bedroom. The live show is complemented by visuals from VJ Legende.


DEGUY (Loops/IL)

DEGUY was born in 1989 in Jerusalem. In 2017 he decided to follow his passion for music, so he finished his basketball career and entered the studio to record his debut album DONE. DEGUY divides his time between Jerusalem and Leipzig, between the stage and the studio. As a solo act with looper, guitars, and harmonicas, or with his band,  he always creates a special atmosphere that reaches the heart and emotions.


“Everything is done in a complete honest way. The songs sound like the way my heart feels, like the inspiration I was filled by, without any attempt to please anyone or any trends.” DEGUY   


FABRIKANT (DJ-Set/Malicious Kitty Purr, Salvation Chansons/IL, Berlin)