Bar for common people
Apr 13




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

RIELL (Dance Pop/CAN)

RIELL is a fiery dance pop artist from Edmonton, Canada with an explosive energy and catchy melodies. RIELL has played throughout Alberta, most significantly opening for Coleman Hell, as well as in England and Poland with upcoming shows in Egypt, Western Canada, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. RIELL will be releasing a new single in May 2018.

ANGL (Cold Pop/FR)

ANGL is a french electro-pop band. The duet mixes different influences such as Kavinsky or Björk, and wrap you in a cold wave of synthetsisers. Finding inspiration in Winding Refn, Carax or Lynch’s movies, ANGL’s music is full of oneiric images. ANGL builds it’s music on an expressionist desing, where the machines draw sharp lines and join voluptuous chants.


ONDULA (DJ-Set/Post-Eclecticism/Berlin)