Bar for common people
Mar 16



ALBIN + MOINK + DJs Oberst Panizza & Selberschuld

By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

ALBIN (electro, krautrock/FR)

Albin Johansson is a Malmö based producer and musician, making electronic music on analog gears. Since 2013 Albin has made five releases and played around 100 shows in Europe and USA. New vinyl album MT4X (Rundgång Rekords/Paltunes) is out this winter and contains a delicate mix of sweet electro, minimalism and early krautrock vibes.


MOINK (Electro, Psycho, Glam, Punk/FR, Bln)

MOINK is a mixture of electro psycho punk with glam rock undertones. Regularly play Paris & Berlin.


Oberst Panizza & Selberschuld(DJ-Set / synth, wave, electronics)