Bar for common people
Dec 02




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30


JO (Experimental Sound Art/DE)

Jo puzzles crooked tone songs from field recordings captured in Iceland. In live performances she is playing the glasambel, an unique instrument, which she developed to present her music in her own way. In each of her songs she deeply steps into the world of her sound sources and discovers her own musical terrain by falling in love with hidden and dirty sounds, shaping them sensitively and developing a unique feeling for combining them.


VROUW! (Experimental/DE)

VROUW! is a five piece all female noise band formed in Amsterdam and currently based in Berlin. VROUW! Plays drums, cymbals, bass, contact mics, shoes, self-made synths, cards, hats, tin foil & plastic bags, bowls, beads, threads and endless other ever changing amplified objects. VROUW! screams, sings, whispers and listens, riding the waves of experimental soundscapes and femme noise culture.


DJ FTMZ (Ambient/BLN)