Bar for common people
Nov 25




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

ELEFANTE BRANCO  (Experimental/BR)

Elefante Branco (White elephant) is the soloist project developed by sound artist Marcelo Armani that has as base and concepts of experimental, improv, electroacoustics and concrete music. In live performances, the artist composes in real time layers and sound textures produced by synthesizers, effects, sequencers, contact microphones and by the sound manipulation of sounds and noises recorded from field recordings. The purpose of this experience is to propose a sound environment developed by the perception of volumes, surfaces and spaces expressed by sensations of densities, lightness, granulations and tensions that go through dimensional orders from the micro to the macro sound universe.


LOFT PARTY (Drone, Noise, Experimental/DE)

Loft Party zelebriert einen elektronischen Klangexorzismus mit einer hauntolgischer Melancholie. Getragen vom einem Feedback gesteuerten Droneteppich entlädt sich sein Krachnexus mit  verweisen zu “Wolf Eyes”, “Throbbing Gristle” oder “Christoph de Babalon”. 


ONDULA (DJ-Set/Post-Eclecticism/Berlin)