Bar for common people
May 20




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

AA..LL (minimal, noise, drone, sound collage/DE)

AA..LL (Berlin) creates experimental sound collages with analogue electronics, modular synth and field recordings on tapes – responding to the movement of body and mind whilst building a connection to human transitoriness. “My interest in sound was always very physical. Feeling it, getting deep into single layers and travel with it. I started with self built electronics and focused on simple rhythms, repetitions and pure oscillations. Dealing with ´mistakes`and researching the ways of perception lead me to a  world of deep vibrant movements.”




KITCH-ensemble (Ambient/FIN, JOR)

Das Experimentell im Weltraum

As KITCH-ensemble, Moe Mustafa focuses on the sound of ambient synth and drone to create ethereal and imagery world of outer space. The sound of KITCH-ensemble influenced by brutal architecture, abandoned places, deserts, and empty spaces.



BURKINA PHASER (DJ-Set/Finding Bridges between seemingly distant Musics/PT)