Bar for common people
Mar 18




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

KvT (Process sounds/HU, IR)

KvT are a duo that shape ephemeral soundscapes from the overlapping churn of single simple elements — voice, resonance, repetition, movement, memory. Having recently completed a tour in central Europe together with Agente Costura and Otolitos, they have become renowned for their ‘play anywhere’ approach, using battery-powered equipment to present work in any and all locations. This stripped-down palette has led to a singular focus on the worlds of sound that can be layered and stitched together from voices, loop pedals, layered resonance, and emergent drone — all undertaken with hand-carried amplifiers, that allow a spatialised, context-aware live presentation that never repeats the same way.


OTOLITOS (softnoise/Bln)

Otolitos is improv minimalist amplified sound by Tristen, Tom, Angie, and Agnė. Otolitos is a state of mind. Someone called us ‘post-noise’. The most rakishly delightful soft noise band in central Europe. We perform with bass/noisebox/projections/voice. Email us and we will come and play in your basement.


BURKINA PHASER (DJ-Set/Finding Bridges between seemingly distant Musics/PT)