Bar for common people
Sep 24



KvT + AGENTE COSTURA + DJ Shameless/Limitless

By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

KvT (Noise – drone – spatial/HU, IR)

KvT: a duo. Processes / sounds / movements at the edge of imperceptibility. Transformation through layering / rhythm / pattern / repetition.


AGENTE COSTURA (Experimantal/DE)

Agente Costura plays a prepared sewing machine, improvising textile sculptures and soundscapes, making music out of making clothes.



Stephen Doyle is a solo percussionist, living and working in Amsterdam. His sounds have previously graced the creations of Dagora, FVVSSD, The John Ew Band, and currently 78rpm. However, he also is acclaimed for his solo performances, which combine the meditative effects of repetition with the refined skill of a misspent punk youth. This allows for a playful embrace of chaotic spontaneity to overlap with an artistic curiosity about the acoustic potential of space and architecure. He has toured throughout Europe and beyond, occasionally combining musical adventures with his parallel occupation as carpenter and designer.






Shameless/Limitless (Berlin DIY, East African, Kuschelrock, YouTube Recommended, Friends of friends,