Bar for common people
Sep 03



MAC N BASS + EVAMUSS + DJ Shameless/Limitless

By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

MAC N BASS (Experimental electronica/UK, DE)

MAC ‘N’ BASS are the Klangstronauts Roland Fidezius and Simon Vincent, who with their Electric Bass, Computer and host of live electronics bring you sounds collected on their travels through the omniverse evoking dark matter,time warps and infinite star nebulae before your very ears. Recent guests include Devin Gray and Brad Henkel and their latest release is a live concert recorded recently in Poland, now available on Dym Records.


EVAMUSS (Humid, Analogue, Jungle/NL, Peru)

Evamuss, a solo project very active in the Peruvian underground scene between 1997 – 2003.  This project is resurrecting with two hand made sequencers, some effects and a pair of synth toys that Evamuss hacked last year in Lima. It sounds is like a warm and humid analog jungle.


Shameless/Limitless (Berlin DIY, East African, Kuschelrock, YouTube Recommended, Friends of friends,)