Bar for common people
Nov 06




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

CLOSE QUARTERS (Ambient, Electronic, Chamber/DE)

Close Quarters is a project exploring the limits between chamber and ambient sound, using generative processes. The piece is meant as an ever-changing composition: counterbalancing the very tangible aspects of the sounds, the visuals react to even the smallest change in tone, materialising it in rapid movement within limited confines. While most ambient sound explores vast, almost endless spaces, Close Quarters dwells in small chambers, looking for immensity in the infinitesimal.


ANDYVAZUL (Psychedelic/HU)

Andyvazul is an award winning harmonica player, endorser of Seydel Harmonicas and composer, who performed in Europe as well as in the United States either with bands (Original Blues Brother Band/US, Parafusions/IT, Blues Radio Budapest/HU) or as a solo-performer. Among many others he also collaborated with Andy Newmark (drummer of John Lennon, Pink Floyd, etc.) and Jean Paul Bourelly (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, etc.). His one-man- band performances take the audience to a psychedelic trip. At these shows he also plays the flute, santur, jew’s harp, accord and bass harmonicas and other authentic instruments, then he adds some crazy effects and creates layers with the loop station.


OSCAR DER WINZIGE (DJ-Set/Avant garde, Cafe music, Cassette culture/ES)