Bar for common people
Apr 30




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

ROTTEN BLISS (Experimental, folk horror/UK)

Following her debut release last autumn on the Reverb Worship label, Jasmine Pender brings her London-based cello noise and folk horror project Rotten Bliss to Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria for the first time ahead of her performance at donaufestival. Jasmine’s voice weaves between FX-laden instrumentals and sound collages, interspersing uneasy cinematic pieces with tender lyrical songs and visions. “A thing of disquieting dark beauty… hints of Nico chill with both a magical and macabre unease”; (Mark Barton (The Sunday Experience)); “dark and dreamy soundscapes, fragile and daring creatures of the night haunting legendary moors and lonely shores” (Anaïs Prosaic, documentary maker, director of Eliane Radigue – L’ecoute virtuose).


TOBIAS PFEIL (Impro, Experimental/NO)

Osloborn Norwegian multiinstrumentalist Tobias Pfeil is known for a wide range of experimental projects. As a solo instrumentalist he explores his physical and sonic relationship to the guitar through energetic performances. He has been compared to players such as Thurston Moore and Okkyung Lee.


ONDULA (DJ-Set/Post-Eclecticism/Berlin)