Bar for common people
Jan 27




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

SASHA DOLGIY (melodic-noise /UA)

The practice of preparing analog audio carriers and their pickups, turning the familiar systems inside out and constructing new ones from them. Sasha Dolgiy refers to the recordings on magnetic cassettes, which are scattered and forgotten in every

house, as well as to the players – this is the creation of a new mechanism and system of interaction with the oblivious format for storing and reproducing audio information.


NFNF (electronica/UA)

NFNR is an artistic name of Olesia Onykiienko – musician, theatrical composer, curator of educational and experimental platform in Ukraine for women – Womens Sound. NFNR enjoys creating multy-layered sound constructions, textures rich with timbres and working with frequencies. Constructing the sound from these micro specifications and modulations, she combines them with another passion – industrial field-recordings

Uji Tanze (DJ-Set)