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Jan 07




By Donation  | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

STAYHOMIE (Indietronica/RU)

Stayhomie is a solo project of Max Kubbe, a electronic producer from St. Petersburg, a member of several well-known Russian independent bands. Stayhomie music is a mix of base, garage, hip-hop and meditative restrained electronics.

A distinctive feature of the project is pronounced melodic component, leading to the deepest personal experiences of the author. For last years of touring all over the Europe, Max is experimenting with the form of the performance and the composition of the musicians on the stage, but one thing can be said with confidence — each set of Stayhomie is a deep and rich trip, bright and stylish performance, wordless dialogue with each listener.

FABRIKANT (Malicious kitty purrs / salvation chansons/IL, Berlin)