Bar for common people
Jan 23




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30


Ken Dolman: an American singer/songwriter based in Berlin.  He has 3 releases with Snowhite Records on digital formats: like Spotify and Apple iTunes. In the early 90’s he fronted Casper Houser and could be seen in dive bars like CBGB’s around New York. In the late 90’s he went to South America for a few years, then resurfaced in Los Angeles fronting the band No North. Europe called, and No North’s touring and playing in the old world became more frequent. Fueled with a top 30 Album on iTunes UK, Berlin label Kitty Yo called and there begins the current tale of young Ken, who now performs solo.


LAHIS (Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic/IL)

“Lahis is from Haifa, which is in Israel, but her music really has more of a lost legend from the Seattle northwest music scene kind of vibe… She sings in this “I don’t care what this sounds like, I just want it to be real but real is perfect” kind of way and the result is simply elegant music, that softly tugs you like a friend holding your hand and leading you through a party to the beer fridge. She’s nature, she’s grime, she’s spirit.” (Andre Harris)


INTOXICAT (DJ-Set/Surf, Tiki, Exotica, Rockabilly/FR, Bln)