Bar for common people
Apr 10




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

GIL HOCKMAN (Indietronicam Folktronica/ZA)

Gil Hockman is a musician from Johannesburg, South Africa. Gil was a late bloomer and only picked up a guitar with intent when already in his thirties. Since then he has been making up for lost time. Performing live with an electric guitar, synthesizer and loop station, Gil has played hundreds of shows across Europe and southern Africa. His sound has been described as “a new kind of futuristic folk mixed with pop mixed with fragments of electronica and rendered incandescent by echoes of the blues” (Nik Piras, Amica) and each of his successive releases have been met with critical praise:



NIEKSE (Indiefolk/NL)

The Dutch indie folk singer Niekse plays melancholic songs. With a backpack full of band experience, he makes his way through a world through a world that fascinates him ever since childhood, solo since 2015. His sound is inspired by both traditional folk/americana and contemporary indie music, resulting in an ambient, recognisable blend.


JOHANNES BÜGELEISEN (DJ-Set/century hustle/MK, Berlin)