Bar for common people
Nov 27




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

Jakob Schauer (Experimental/AUS)

Jakob Schauer is a Vienna based musician, sound artist and producer. On the one hand, Schauers work is influenced by sonorous behaviour of nature, selected forms deviated from urbanity and technology. On the other hand, he gets inspired from different musical genres like Drum&Bass, Disco, Metal and experimental music.


AKE (idm, ambient, techno, glitch/IT)

IDM and glitch soundscapes, broken tunes composed with synths and arpeggiators. From Bach –studied at the conservatory– to Jazz:Re:Found and Club To Club Festival, AKE actualises years of personal research in the field of sound in A New Father — his first EP published by SØVN Records. AKE’s hardware-only live performances have been defined by the well-recognised Italian magazine Sentireascoltare as “rich of ethereal melodies influenced by Boards Of Canada, Jon Hopkins and Nathan Fake”


ONDULA (DJ-Set/Post-Eclecticism/Berlin)