Bar for common people
Oct 24




By Donation | Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30

KILKELLY (Folk, Blues, Jazz/IRL)

“Fresh off the heels of his debut EP, Kilkelly is a staple of the Berlin folk scene. With a residency Monday nights at the up and coming Neukölln folk hotspot, Deriva, the Irishman is building upon his impressive repertoire of original folk ballads, finger picking jazz ‘n blues fused melodies, and slaying audiences with his engaging performances, stories – with comedic splashes throughout. Kilkelly’s a mangled mix of genres left lying around. The lyrics that tie the songs together are a combination of harsh truths, poetic liberties and stuff you shouldn’t get away with saying in public.”


BASHERT (Singer-Songwriter, Pop/DE)

Bashert. is a young singer-songwriter from North Rhine-Westphalia. His music, which is mostly in German, can be described as melancholic with a taste of pop music. In summer 2017 he released his second album.


INTOXICAT (DJ-Set/Surf Music, Rockabilly, Exotica/FR, Bln)