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    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Yasha 96

    Indie Pop / DE

    Yasha 96, an Indie Pop project conceived by Jachym Kovar and currently based in Berlin, draws its inspiration from the evocative singer-songwriter sound of the 90s. This project skillfully merges the nostalgic vibes of that era with a fresh and contemporary Indie Pop sound.

    Yasha 96 has been described as a hidden treasure of the Czech alternative music scene. His first album The Boy Who Came Here From The Dust was named one of the best indie pop albums of 2021 by the radio show Reflector. Yasha’s forthcoming album FILIP is based on voice memos of Yasha’s friends, recorded between 2021 and 2023. They drive the narrative of the album and capture feelings of love, grief, self-doubt and acceptance.

    Yasha received a nomination from the Czech Music Academy Awards for Best New Artist of 2023. Additionally, his album “Filip” garnered nominations from the Czech Music Critic Awards Apollo in two categories: Album of the Year 2023 and Single of the Year.

    “The music of Yasha 96 is tender and danceable at the same time…his songs rear up and tear you away,” praised Christoph Scharag from RBB Radio Fritz.

    (Other features include; the playlists ‘New Music Friday’ CZ/SK, and ‘Neon’, Czech radio stations ‘Express’ and ‘Radio 1’ as well as Fenne Lily’s ‘Apathy Hour’ podcast)

    Yasha’s follow-up album ‘FILIP’ is an exploration of inner dialogue, each song a captured moment of his life between 2021 to 2023. The album incorporates voice memos of Yasha’s friends and family during this period, the most significant of which belonging to Yasha’s close friend Ruth. Reoccurring throughout the album, her dialogues reflect on her life’s experiences, informing the album’s core themes of love, grief, self-doubt, and acceptance. Together they wrote “Fireflies”, a tribute to Ruth’s late husband, who passed away after a battle with cancer.





    Méta Monde

    Synthpop / Czech Republic

    After knowing each other for more than six years proficent synths player and songwriter Jakub Baierl and digital artist and bassist Roman Gordienko had no other choice than to form a band together.

    Direction which the band had chosen is derived from their common insterest in both modern indie scene and 80’s new wave.

    Atmospheric and rhythmical, Méta Monde’s music full of multilayered synth harmonies and booming bass sounds coupled with intricate lyrics is starting its career in 2020 with their debut album Méta Mondes.



    DJ Cool in the Pool

    Psych rock, Kosmische Musik and beyond



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