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    VÍZ + Berenice Llorens + Ansgar Wilken (DJ-Set)



    VÍZ + Berenice Llorens + Ansgar Wilken (DJ-Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation


    Experimental / Switzerland

    VÍZ is the experimental solo project of Transylvanian Hungarian vocalist, composer, performer and multidisciplinary artist Réka Csiszér.

    The conceptual debut work ‘Veils’ is constructed as an elegiac body horror soundtrack in seven stages, dealing with themes of duality, unreality, the corporeal, language, self & identity, and the pursuit of ancestral provenance.

    Iridescent drones, field recordings, analog synthesis, modulated acoustic elements, as well as recorded vocal fragments of Csiszér and her grandmother are intricately woven together, creating an eerie, meditative vision; an ethereal broadcast from some haunted communication facility.



    Berenice Llorens

    Experimental, Improvisation , Electronic / Germany

    Berenice Llorens is an experimental multidisciplinary artist and guitar player from Argentina, currently based in Berlin.

    By capturing and interpreting sounds from nature, the city, and machines, Llorens creates immersive sonic atmospheres that invite reflection on how our creative experiences are transformed by the environment that surrounds us.

    Her practice involves a process of perception and integration of our environment, of turning the external internal, and the internal external.

    Berenice Llorens’ work is a blend of original compositions, live performances, radio art, audiovisual art, drawings, writings, and collaborations in musical ensembles and dance, as well as research in artificial intelligence and music.







    Ansgar Wilken (DJ-Set)


    (Vinyl only)


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