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    Steffan Ianigro + JacqNoise + Ansgar Wilken (DJ-Set)



    Steffan Ianigro + JacqNoise + Ansgar Wilken (DJ-Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Steffan Ianigro

    Ambient Electronic / Australia

    Steffan Ianigro is a sound artist, software engineer, and researcher.

    His performance is based on his experiences exploring Grunewald forest.

    He uses custom software devices inspired by artificial life to enhance dark, industrial synth tones with organic and naturalistic qualities. Additionally, real-time visuals are generated during the performance as abstract depictions of the Grunewald landscape.





    Sonic exploartion / Berlin

    In her live shows, JacqNoise seamlessly integrates with her environment, drawing inspiration primarily from repetitive structures find in our noisy surroundings.

    Over the recent years, she has engaged in collaborative projects with musicians spanning the globe, fulling her curiosity to explore and embrace innovative methodologies.

    Through this modular set up, she skillfully crafts a spectrum of noises and refines specific sounds, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.




    Ansgar Wilken (DJ-Set)


    (Vinyl only)


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