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    Ninshū + Leere + DJ GrenierFanatic


    Habemus Samstag

    Ninshū + Leere + DJ GrenierFanatic

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation


    Live - Deep Househttps://soundcloud.com/ninshu_music / NL

    Ninshū – Levan Katamadze is a Live instrumentalist, singer and DJ/Producer hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia, who is currently based in Amsterdam. Being a member of Traum

    Schallplatten label and Critical Bookings agency roster, he performed at many reputable venues and festivals in Georgia, Estonia and Armenia.

    His musical project is completely unattached from today’s Fashion styles and typecast sub genres of electronic music as the production is based on improvised Georgian ethnic vocals which he performs and sings Live, using a multi instrumental setup.



    Live - Electro / DE

    …Just the minimal brooding sound of synthesisers entwined with a soulful songstress, pure

    naked and fragile emotions, spellbinding and captivating, gloomy and distressing,

    sublime sparks of dark magic….







    DJ GrenierFanatic

    Dj-Set - Electronic / US

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