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    Marco Carboni + helen frigid + Jurassique Parque (DJ – Set)



    Marco Carboni + helen frigid + Jurassique Parque (DJ – Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Marco Carboni

    Folk / Italy

    Marco Carboni is a guitarist and singer-songwriter based in Milan.

    After graduating in jazz guitar he formed contemporary jazz quintet I Am a Fish.

    He now has two records under his belt, as well as several concerts performed all over Italy.

    At the same time, Marco has been developing his passion for indie-folk music; Blake Mills, Sufjan Stevens, Adrienne Lenker among others inspired him for his new solo project that he is now taking on tour in Europe.

    Alone on stage for the first time, Marco tells his story in the most intimate and delicate way.



    helen frigid

    Indie – Folk – Rock / Germany

    Helen Frigid´s songs have the strength to tackle ‘heavy themes‘ with clarity, playfulness and ease.

    A sound that embraces and encourages the listener at the same time.

    Two upcoming Singles will be part of her set: “I want you” is a queer love story and “a buoy” is a song about grief and the ability to find one’s way through love and joy.



    Jurassique Parque (DJ – Set)

    Psych / Kraut

    Jurassique Parque is a DJ name of Berlin based producer and artist Yuri Titov, founder of Hi&Low Records and member of Menk band.

    Being a musical enthusiasts and traveler, Yuri brings the fresh view on contemporary psych and post-punk guitar scene with a mellow electronic touch of good old 80s. Combining styles and cultures his sets are joyful trips which take you high and come down easy.




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