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    International 1000 + Vampire Horse + Tarxun (DJ – Set)



    International 1000 + Vampire Horse + Tarxun (DJ – Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    International 1000

    Rap / Hyperpop – Germany

    International 1000 is everything you never knew you wanted from a Rap-formation.

    Blending electronic beats with wildly manipulated K-Pop samples and surreal Sci-Fi Raps, they ended up with inherently chaotic, yet oddly danceable Bubblegum.

    Their debut album “It’s Coolsnax!” hits you with abstract lyrics, outsider-flexing and a bizarre potpourri of pop cultural references. It’s chaotic, it’s colorful and almost too mainstream for the mainstream.”





    Vampire Horse

    electro-punk-trip-hop / Germany

    Berlin based duo Vampire Horse rap over broken electro dance beats. Expect big basslines and glitchy riffs. Soaring energy and smokey English, Arabic, and French lyrics about car crashes, bank robberies and forgotten dreams. Only Vampire Horse can save you from yourself.



    Tarxun (DJ – Set)

    Tarxun creates sonic journeys which go beyond genres;

    A delicately curated mix specifically chosen and shaped by the night´s energy.

    Expect anything. From shoegaze and art-rock, jazz, micro-sounds and world music, to glitchy IDM, trip-hop, hip-hop and heavy bass bangers.


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