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    I-Taki Maki + Remarkable Shipwrecks + Tarxun (DJ-Set)



    I-Taki Maki + Remarkable Shipwrecks + Tarxun (DJ-Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    I-Taki Maki

    Alternative Rock / Germany

    I-Taki Maki are Mimmi (Vocals, Drums, Percussion) and strAw (Vocals, Guitar), an independent Alt-Indie Duo, formed in 2012, based in Berlin since 2015.

    Their music features a melding of alternative rock, slowcore and post-punk influences, typified by minimalist arrangement and composition, warm voices, deep emotional sound.

    Their 6th album, Friedhof, is going to be released in December 2023.


    Remarkable Shipwrecks

    Dark folk / Germany

    Stormy seas, thunderous skies, and crashing waves.

    The stripped-back folk songs of Remarkable Shipwrecks celebrate our shared stoicism in the face of loss, despair, and existential melancholy.

    Poetic odes to the light we stumble toward in the darkness.




    Tarxun (DJ-Set)

    Tarxun creates sonic journeys which go beyond genres;

    A delicately curated mix specifically chosen and shaped by the night´s energy.

    Expect anything.

    From shoegaze and art-rock, jazz, micro-sounds and world music, to glitchy IDM, trip-hop, hip-hop and heavy bass bangers.


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