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    House of Light + Stephen Paul Taylor + Emmanuelle 5 (DJ-Set)



    House of Light + Stephen Paul Taylor + Emmanuelle 5 (DJ-Set)

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    House of Light

    Postpunk/shoegaze/indie/altrock – Australia

    House of Light croon and shout amidst a cinematic shoegazy mesh of synth and guitars.

    Their lyrics evoke the new-romanticism of the 80s and the disillusion of the 90s & are compared to New Order, the Doors & Sonic Youth.

    They have had been booked with Lydia Lunch, Pete Doherty, the Drones and been interviewed by Andy Rourke of the Smiths.

    SPOTIFY https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/0FaJUAl3mBp7WR82pF7WHp

    YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sDok9MmFNI

    BANDCAMP https://houseoflight.bandcamp.com

    WEBSITE/RECORD LABEL https://darkescapes.com/house-of-light/?fbclid=IwAR3K-QCLpGPTIRcGzgCLNAnp0tkcHdx9SVs-SJwEgeKlepPm2fxy4QNa6Rw

    NEW SINGLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sDok9MmFNI



    Stephen Paul Taylor

    Synth Pop / Bertlin

    My name is Stephen. I’m from a small town in Canada called Prince George. I fell in love with Eighties music as a child. Everything from Depeche Mode to OMD to Gary Numan. 80s music and especially synths, played a big role in my development. I wrote my first song on a cheesy Casio at 14 years old, entitled “Under The Moonlight”.

    After a string of Mcjobs, I eventually went to Emily Carr Art University and after graduating, torn between filmmaking and music, I chose the latter, diving into it full time. I become a full-time musician in 2009 with my duo Trike. In 2013 I branched off and went solo, reaching viral fame a year later with “EKSF”. Since then I’ve released “People Tonight” (LP), “Single and 17” (EP) and “Synthpop is Dead” (LP) which I also released on vinyl. I’ve also released several singles. I toured Europe several times and now, in 2023, I released my first pop song in two years entitled “Craving My Affection”.

    “Craving My Affection” was written on the subject of obsession and desire. I had a stalker in my early days of Trike and this song harks back to those days, except in the song, the protagonist desires his admirer intensely, even though he’s aware that it will lead to disaster. I was influenced by Synthwave and “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd whilst making this song.

    My upcoming single features Preston Heyman (Kate Bush’s drummer) as producer and Derrick McIntyre (Jamiroquai) on bass. They’re appearing on three songs from my upcoming album.





    Emmanuelle 5

    Emmanuel Hubaut is a french singer and musician who has recorded a dozen albums and who has performed the world over with his different bands (Les Tétines Noires, LTNO, Dead Sexy, EHB, Pest Modern).

    Post-Punk, Batcave, Industrial, Electro, Experimental Noise.

    A diverse range of approaches to music, born out of an open attitude to unlikely and unclassifiable experimentations.

    His Dj selector activity reflects his various tastes in music and subculture.







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