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    he is tall. + Marshall Vincent + DJ Badre



    he is tall. + Marshall Vincent + DJ Badre

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    he is tall.

    Indie pop / indie folk – Denmark

    he is tall. has made an impressive first impression on the Danish underground music scene and is being linked with the American musician Jeff Buckley. He has been the support act for artists like Tyler Childers, The Divine Comedy, Lera Lynn & Natalie Bergman. Despite his humble musical set-up, he is tall. is gathering inspiration from country and hip hop, and it merges into his very own and honest sound.


    Marshall Vincent

    Electronic, Indie , Pop, Folk / Berlin

    Marshall Vincent, inspired by his time living in Berlin, New York, and Chicago, weaves together a soulful blend of orchestral, electronic, pop and folk elements to tell stories of life and love in vivid colour. Songs that are a mix of heartfelt ballads, haunting basslines, and dramatic strings draw a strong vision of his power as an artist. Sonically, Marshall’s music can be defined as intimate R&B, but there are threads of classical, folk, and electronic present, and all woven together with the aim of honest, universal storytelling.









    DJ Badre

    Orient, wave, electronic


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