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    Coconut Massacre + Yasha 96 + U.F.O Shadow


    Freaky Friday

    Coconut Massacre + Yasha 96 + U.F.O Shadow

    Doors 19:00 / Start 21:00 / Donation

    Coconut Massacre

    Live - Post-Dance / IT

    From Sardinia to Berlin, Coconut Massacre is Nicola Pili, producer, multi instrumentalist and singer (GràVE, Dormant, Sniff).
    His music aims to summon spirits of shaman queens that got raised and died in the swampiest levels of the backrooms. ..But mostly, he aims to make people dance.


    Yasha 96

    Live - ElectroPop / DE

    Yasha is a Berlin-based Indie pop project from the mind of 25-year-old Jachym Kovar. Yashas music is heavily influenced by 90s sounds, which can be heard via the production of guitars as well as a specific style of songwriting. This appears in contrast with more contemporary elements such as 808 bass kicks, autotuned vocals, and vocoders, these elements combined create a unique sound, which in its complexity can be perceived as a dialog or contrast between rawness and dreaminess. Yashas realistic songwriting reflects upon his family relationships, the absence of love, and toxic masculinity, authentically and honestly


    Yashas’s debut album The Boy Who Came Here From The Dust album is considered as one of the best indie pop albums for the year 2021 by Czech magazine Headliner, Prague’s Radio 1, and Slovakian magazine Hudba. Sk.














    U.F.O Shadow

    Dj-Set - Electronic / FR

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